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Welcome to my mind

My site is still in construction

Welcome to my mind. On this website you will find all the things that I study at my CEGEP. This website will be used to show my progress from start to finish of my 3 year progress. I hope you enjoy!

William Ibrahim

Student in multimedia

I attend the CEGEP de l'outaouais here in Gatineau, Quebec. I am a fanatic of multimedia and everything that has to do with computers. I love art and graphic designing which is what originally brought me to this program. I am also known as a gamer, I spend alot of my time gaming when i'm not programming.


You can contact me at:

Courriel :
or at any of the social media links above!


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Courriel :
Téléhone: 123.456.7890

123 rue du Chemin
Gatineau, Qc J8V 9J9